About Michael VanPatten

In college, I started doing artistic work through photography, drawing, oil painting, and ceramics. However, before pursuing a career in art, I spent time working in various positions in different fields.

Experience in Different Industries

I began working as a computer systems developer before moving to the marketing industry. After that, I worked with mergers and acquisitions as a Chief Financial Officer of technology companies.

Pursuing a Passion

While working in different industries, I continued my photography work. I took unique and astonishing photos of places that I have visited around the world.

After selling my most recent company, I began developing more artistic photos of my favorite subjects including beaches, boats, islands, waterfalls, marinas, golf courses, cityscapes, interesting structures, and wildlife.


Capturing New Sights

I purchased a boat called the View Finder to capture new interesting sites and established View Finder Arts. To share more of my artistic photos, I also purchased a drone and GoPro cameras and experimented with aerial and underwater shots.

On top of my photography skills, I also use my computer knowledge to create interesting surrealistic images to challenge the viewers’ minds.

Purchase Exclusive Photos

I create limited-edition photos for professional office spaces, conference facilities, restaurants, galleries, and professional collectors. For more information about my work, feel free to reach out to me.